All Star Game 2012

In Moscows sports center "Ostankino" was held the second All-Star Game in underwater rugby. The match poster: "The unique 3D underwater show," totally corresponded to the spectacle, which was demonstrated by the best uw-rugby players of Russia.
The "Ostankino" stands were completely filled, the event attracted more than 300 people.
The show began with a colorful representation of players, participants of the match, who dramatically appeared from under the water in the light beam.
The first goal of the match scored by the team of Viktor Krylov, Vladimir Shurupov managed to distinguish himself. However, shortly before half-time Ilya Assorov of the team of Nikita Sukharev, equalized.
In the first part of the master-show Nikita Sukharev became the fastest man of the match , Victor Krylov -the best penalty player, Alexander Mochalov- the best goalgetter.
After that rugbies were given a little rest, and the stage was occupied by the representatives of another water sport - synchronized swimming. The perfrormance of the "Fairy Tale" ended with a standing ovation from the audience.
In the second half, the Viktor Krylov team took the lead after a goal scored by Alexander Bakanov. In general, it is worth noting that the game in this period was fairly even, but the moments that occurred by the goal of the Viktor Krylov team had not been realized, and on the second break the teams had gone with the score 2-1.
In the second part of the master-show the most precise player was Sukharev Nikita, and the relay was won by the Viktor Krylov team.
And the competition for the most impressive trick to replace the last year's spectacle came acrobatic and even stunters performances. Ilya Assorov for the water entry performed a spectacular salto, and in the water showed real basketball. After that Sukharev Nikita entered the stage with the imperial flag, and the ball was brought to him on a boat by Kirill Novikov in a pirate suit and Sergei Leonov, having received a pass from the latter in flight over water, Nikita showed how well he can handle the ball with his feet. Alexander Bakanov had even more assistants, after passes on the surface and a spectacular water entrance, Alexander demonstrated his crown break throughs under water.
The last two tricks turned out to be the most spectacular, Viktor Krylov hand walked under the gully to the very dome of the pool, from a five-meter altitude performed a somersault, and the trick was so amazing that it was forgotten to pass him the ball, but Victor did not lose his head, and on finding the ball, completed the feint . Vladimir Shurupov also performed a spectacular jump dive from the balcony, showing a free fall,and grouped at the last moment. The jury unanimously awarded the victory in this contest to Viktor Krylov and Vladimir Shurupov.

The final period in the match was remembered for the domination of Viktor Krylov team, but Nikitas team still had the chance to win back . After a scuffle occurred between Vladimir Shurupov and Ilya Assorov, the first received two a minute penalty. However, while playing in the majority the guys did not succeed in scoring, and the well and rested on the penalty box Vladimir in the very ending made a double. The game ended 3-1 in favor of the team of Viktor Krylov.
A colorful show ended with the award ceremony of the competitions, as well as an autograph session of participants of the match on a specially produced calendars.


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