All Star Game

In Moscow in SK "Ostankino" was held the first in the 50-year history of underwater rugby All Star Game. Victor Krylovs team drew 7:7 with the team of Nikita Sukharev.

For Krylovs team played: Alexey Panov, Sergey Leonov, Andrei Proskurin, Viktor Krylov, Kirill Novikov and Dmitry Abramichev. For the team of Sukharev: Alexander Trofimov, Egor Kuznetsov, Nikita Sukharev, Alexander Bakanov, Vladimir Shurupov and Alexei Pryazhnikov.

In the competition of the fastest player won Viktor Krylov, who beat in the quarterfinals Alexander Bakanov, in the semifinals Vladimir Shurupov and Alexander Trofimov in the final of the competition.

Victor won also in the competition for the most accurate shot. In the final he was a shot more precise than Vladimir Shurupov.

In the competition for the most spectacular breakthrough won Dmitry Abramichev. Filigree and faster than anyone he dealt with Egor Kuznetsov, Alexei Pryazhnikov and Alexander Trofimov.

And in the contest for the most spectacular trick guys gave a real performance. Dmitry Abramichev performed the trick in the suit of Superman. And Viktor Krylov in the Batman costume performed a memorable dive from the balcony. Won in this competition Vladimir Shurupov with an electrifying dance on the edge, culminating with a spectacular salto.

In the competition for the most spectacular penalty also won Vladimir Shurupov, while beating Alexei Panov.

All Star Game was the first, unique, colorful, underwater 3D-show in the history of the sport, opening a new chapter in the development of underwater rugby.




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