The title is to be defended on the uwr motherland

22 november 2009. Russia - three-time winners of the Youth European Championship


Three-time winners of the Youth European Championship are to defend the title of the strongest team of the old world on the underwater rugby motherland. Competition will be held on 20 and 21 November in the German city of Stuttgart.

In 2005, our team already had the opportunity to perform on German soil, in the debutive European Championship for the Russians in Langenfeld. Then in the match for the 3-rd place Russia lost to the hosts of the tournament, Team Germany. Followed by 3 finals of the Russian German opposition. In 2006, the team Germany was stronger , and in 2007 and 2008, the Russian team. In 2009 the Germans missed the tournament altogether, in which Russia had gained the third champions title in a row.

"Perhaps the team of Germany and this time will be the main competitor of our team on the way to the champions title" - says one of the leaders of the Russian team Nikita Sukharev. Adding: "The team is well prepared, so it will qualify for the very highest places."






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